April 11, 2011

Want To Do VS. Need To Do

Posted in Random at 9:57 am by sewknotwrite

Here we are!  A little under two months away and I have whittled the giant to do list from 9 months ago down to this…

You can see that I divided the “to do” list into “Homework” and “Projects.”  Mr Waffle asked what the difference was considering they are all tasks we need to get done.

Well, here’s the deal.  The homework is stuff I really need to do, but is difficult or boring and therefore the procrastinator in me has been putting it off.  It is stuff that requires research, deep thought, typing and lengthy discussions that end in frustration.  Work has been a beast lately, so any time I sit down and try to do the homework this happens…

The other side is projects!  Eeeeee, projects!  I have been waiting to finish these for quite a while and now that the RSVPs are rolling in I can finally start.  Projects put me in a good mood and recharge my battery, which is something this little lady needs right about now.

So, what’s a Waffle to do?

Obviously, I want to do projects more than homework.  However, other people are depending on me to get my homework done by a certain time and projects can very well wait since their due date is the day.  Do I trudge through the homework just to get it done?  Should I maybe sprinkle in a dash of projects in between homework times?  What would you do?


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