April 17, 2011

Sewing Kit Essentials

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I figured, since I’m a seamstress and all, I should do a few posts on tips and tricks to help out in the event of a wardrobe malfunction. Not to frighten anyone, but someone, be it you or your Great Aunt Betsy, will more than likely have one at the wedding and it is always good to be prepared.

Every bride should bring an emergency sewing kit to the wedding. Period. End of story. Even if you don’t know how to sew, I can guarantee someone at the wedding does. As a matter of fact, most of these tools will make it so that sewing isn’t even an issue. So, here is what I always keep in my kit when I’m working backstage and crisis strikes.

Needle and thread – I keep at least two sewing needles pre-loaded with thread.  Nothing is worse than having to thread a needle at the last minute.  For our wedding, I am packing threads in the top four colors we are using (ivory for my dress, grey for the groom and groomsmen, plum and blue for the ladies).  I am also packing a heavy duty thread which is stronger and a better choice for buttons, hooks and eyes.

The best tool ever…or “the tagger” – This thing is amazing!  I wrote about its gloriousness before, but I will sing its praises yet again.  Often, I will use this in place of needle and thread if there is not enough time to sew.

Safety pins – I will only resort to safety pins if there is no time to sew and the tagger has malfunctioned.  A lady should always have a back-up plan!

Shout Wipes!!!  I swear by Shout.  We use it at work and it is fabulous.  I like the wipes much more than Tide pens, etc.

Ice.  Ice takes out blood stains.  Simple as that.

Small scissors and/or seam ripper

Needle nose pliers Why needle nose pliers?  They are helpful for jewelry, hook and zipper repairs.  Yes, I said zippers and don’t be intimidated.  I will teach you how to fix those fiddly little suckers easy peasy.

Other good items to have in an emergency sewing kit, but not necessarily absolute essentials, include extra fasteners such as hooks, eyes, snaps and buttons, double sided fashion or toupee tape (my preference is Top Stick, available at Sally’s Beauty Supply), hair pins and a lighter to use as a fraying fabric quick fix (synthetic fabrics only, the flame will melt and fuse fraying fibers together).

Hope this was helpful!  Anything else you would add to that kit?


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