May 2, 2011

Zipper-dee-doo-dah: The Splitters

Posted in Clothes and Accessories at 9:08 pm by sewknotwrite

Split zippers are by far the worst of the zipper malfunctions one can have.  Yuck!  In my previous post, I wrote about zippers that won’t go up and one’s that get fabric stuck in them.  Today, we tackle the splitters.

There are three ways to handle your split zippers…basic, intermediate and advanced.  I highly suggest you take a look at all three methods.  Just because advanced says “advanced” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot.  It’s actually easier than you would think.  😉

The basic method involves using the tagger or safety pins and is pretty self explanatory.

Intermediate involves needle and thread.  My advice is to use a heavy duty thread or even white dental floss over regular thread.  Why?  All the friction from you moving, hugging, kissing and shimmying the night away may cause the zipper teeth to wear on the thinner thread and cause your stitching to go.  In any case, use a whip stitch (a very quick, easy and basic stitch) to bind your zipper together.  Just remember to have scissors handy at the end of the evening so a special someone can help you out at the end of it all!

The advanced method will involve time and taking some things apart, but putting it back together is no more scary than zipping up a hoodie.  Trust me.  so, if you have a good 15-20 minutes to spare, this is a good option.  If not, whip stitch away my friend!

First, on the inside of the dress, look at the base of the zipper.  It will have a metal bracket acting as a stopper.  Take it off using your needle-nose pliers.

Slide the zipper head down to the bottom of the zipper tape.  Leave the head attached to one side of the tape and reinsert the other side (just like zipping up a hoodie).  Zip up your zipper and make sure it works.

If it works, all you need to do is close up the bottom (where the metal bracket used to be) with a bar tack…

…and you’re done!

Hope this was helpful for you ladies!


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