May 5, 2011

Holy Wedding, Batman! We’re One Month Away!

Posted in Random at 10:00 am by sewknotwrite

How did this get here so quickly?!  It feels like just the other day I was calling my nearest and dearest people and exclaiming, “I’m engaaaaaaaaaaaaaged!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Now we’re a month away?  Really?  REALLY?

There’s a fair amount of items lingering on the to do list, but I thought, instead of being bogged down in all there is left to do, it would be fun to take a glance at all of the things we’ve accomplished so far.

We got engaged atop the Griffith Observatory in LA…

and went on a venue hunt where we discovered the beautiful Hummingbird House.

We picked delicious family style, BBQ catering with Royal Fig…

and, after a sugar induced coma, chose Blue Note Bakery to supply our dessert bar.

Being chosen to be a Bee was another super exciting event!

We made decisions on all the pretty details such as centerpiece decor, a cake topper, escort cards/favors, flowers and even picked out a dress, shoes and a suit.  Save the Dates were mailed around the globe…

…and not long after, invitations were sent too.

Waffle Invitations… Simple and Sweet :  wedding austin invitations stationery 54 5

As happens to every bride at one point, I hit the wall and had a little meltdown…

…but with Mr Waffle and amazing friends by my side, I was able to pick it up and keep on going.

We’ve just got a few small projects to finish, vows to write and music to choose.  I have loved this whole journey so far (even the yucky, crying parts) and think this final month is gonna be a fantastic last leg of the race to the altar!


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