May 12, 2011

Brunchy Invites

Posted in Paper at 8:25 pm by sewknotwrite

A few days ago I had a total forehead smack moment.  I had a rehearsal brunch planned (complete with waffle bar…yum) but had not put any thought towards invitations for this event.  None.  Doh!

My brain came up with a funny picture of waffles holding hands, so I got out my scissors, glue, markers and some scrapbook paper and got to work.  My fear was that this was going to end up looking like it was hastily thrown together, but I must say, I was pretty impressed with my last minute endeavor…

I used a textured, swirly paper to make all the waffle ladies different whipped cream and strawberry fascinators.  I am so glad I decided to run out and get googley eyes for this project.  They really add to the overall fun feel of our brunch event.

Awwwww, waffles in love!

Did you have any last minute projects that turned out better than expected?



  1. Jules said,

    This is adorable!

    • emtheartist said,

      Aw, thanks! I almost didn’t want to send them out ’cause I loved them so much!

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