May 18, 2011

Craft-a-thon 2011!

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To quote my friend Jen, “HOLY BANANAS!”

I can’t believe how close we are.  Seriously.  When did time decide to go in to super hyper speed?  How is it possible that I’m in the teens portion of the countdown?

My goal through this whole process has been to have everything done before the week of the wedding.  That way I can relax and enjoy myself instead of feeling “OMG!  I’m never going to finish!”  So, in order to reach that goal I have been having a full on “Craft-a-thon 2011” happening at the Waffle house this week and culminating in a huge group craft day with my friends on Sunday.  We will get it done!

Luckily, the only crafts left are those pesky ones that can’t be done until that last slow-poke RSVP comes through your mailbox.  You know, the ones that hinge on a seating chart.

Our seating for this extravaganza is being assigned by fabric.  Once I got the seating chart finished, I was on to the daunting task of stitching swatches to all the escort cards.

Next project on the list was to tie all 105 of these suckers to the bells (which will eventually be tied to ribbon strands that will hang from a magnolia tree).

These aren’t even all of the bells we are using. 

My project after that was to finish up all the napkins I was making.  They will eventually be rolled and tied (on Sunday) with name tags I made using printable fabric and that vintage typewriter we have lying around.

What’s left for “craft-a-thon 2011”?  Wellllll….

  • Mod Podge jar lids for memory jars
  • Make signage for tables and such
  • Finish candle jars
  • Make monogram banner for ceremony arch
  • Make kid activity books and bags

Sounds like a lot to do by Sunday, but I have an army of ladies and Mr Waffle helping out over the weekend.

How are you doing on your DIY to-do list?  Do have a finish date goal like me?


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  1. Miss Susan said,

    What a delightful young lady the young Em has become! Hope that you have many childred to share your joie de vivre!

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