May 27, 2011

A Topper to Die For

Posted in Decor at 5:13 pm by sewknotwrite

“Eeeeeeeeeeeee!  It’s so amaaaazing!  And tiny….ooh it’s tiny!”

This is what Mr Waffle heard from the living room as I opened our cake topper that just arrived from Etsy shop Milk Tea.  Poor Waffle isn’t allowed to see it yet because the little people are dressed like us and my dress is being kept super top secret from him (he’s crazy superstitious).

So, before we continue, I need to issue this warning…

OK, now that he’s gone, I can show you ladies what all the squealing is about…

The whole topper is only 7″ tall and the detail is exquisite considering the smallness of everything.  They look just like us!  Yay!

The little E + M heart made me a little misty eyed.  Sooooo sweet!

I love how you can see them holding hands from the back.

The artist even put feathers in the tiny hairpiece, just like my real one, and rhinestones in the corners of the glasses.

I had no idea this was on the bottom until I started to pack it away to take to our baker.  Love it!

Did you get a custom or specialty cake topper?




  1. Betty Rexrode said,

    Adorable topper!

    Take a deep breath………..9 days and counting!

  2. Julia said,

    this is adorable! i love it

  3. Christina said,

    Em! The cake topper is just the most perfect topper I have ever seen! It really is you both and what amazing detail! I love it!

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