June 23, 2011

Wafflemoon: There’s Your Blowhole!

Posted in honeymoon at 7:52 pm by sewknotwrite

Our first full day in Maui would be spent exploring the west side of the island, which was the side we were staying on.  Waffle and I decided our ultimate destination for the day was going to be the Nakalele Blowhole, with a few smaller, scenic stops along the way.

Now, before we continue, let me tell you that there are little to no signs in Maui telling you were the cool stuff is unless it is part of a State or National parks system.  This is where our guidebook came in extremely handy.  You just have to be patient and know that whatever you’re looking for is near a particular mile marker sign.  If you’re lucky, there will be other tourists milling around or a handmade sign like this one to let you know you’re on the right track.

Once we found what we thought was the right turnout, we parked and hit the trail…kind of.  You see, there were several little trails and one big road that looked like it could only be taken by a heavy duty Jeep.  Thank goodness we weren’t the only confused folks wandering around clueless!  There were quite a few other groups of tourists with the same confounded expression on their faces wondering where in the world the dumb old blowhole was.  Mr Waffle kept asking me, “Where is your blowhole?  Is it over here?” and all I could do was snicker because I knew he didn’t realize what he was saying and how funny it sounded.

Nope, there was no blowhole at this particular trail.  We did see these two beautiful pools from the top of a very windy cliff.

Slightly frustrated, we returned to the Jeep to regroup and snack.  I decided to open up the guidebook to see where I had gone wrong and why I and the others were having soooo much trouble finding a hole that shot sea water 40 feet in the air.  How on Earth can you miss that!?!

Ooops.  I hadn’t read far enough.  D’oh!  We were supposed to go half a mile past where we had parked.  I shouted, “Let’s go!  It’s just around the corner!”

We hit the gas, found the proper turning and as we started the hike down a very steep hill Mr Waffle yelled, “Hey!  There’s your blowhole!  Cool!”  I laughed like a crazy lady.

What a wonderful way to start our adventures in Maui!


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