June 24, 2011

Wafflemoon: Our Maui Top Ten, Part 1

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For all of you fine folks who are planning on honeymooning, vacationing or dreaming about honeymooning/vacationing in Maui, Waffle and I decided to condense our 10 day stay into our top ten Maui moments for you!

10…Aloha Mixed Plate

The hunt for good, cheap food in Maui can seem hopeless.  Lucky for us, a lot of friends pointed us in the direction of Aloha Mixed Plate which is just on the edge of Lahaina.  Here, you can get a HUGE plate of food for between $6 and $13 depending on what you order.  We went twice!  Our favorites were the coconut prawns, the BBQ Mixed Plate and $3 mai tais (best real mai tai I had the whole time in Maui).


Lahaina town has a lot to offer.  It’s the hub for a lot of boating, snorkeling and fishing excursions.  It has shopping, loads of restaurants and is rich in history.  We were satisfied with half a day in Lahaina, but can easily see how one can spend more time here if inclined.  If you go earlier in the morning (about 9ish), it’s easier to snag a free parking spot!

The 150 year old banyan tree is overwhelmingly impressive.

Lunch at Kimo’s was probably my favorite meal while we were here!  Poke (marinanted raw ahi) with house made chips and goat cheese guacamole followed by famous Hula Pie put me in a super happy food coma!

8…Iao Valley

Situated just outside of Wailuku in the northern part of Maui, the Iao Valley and the Iao Needle are a must see.  I took tons of photos, but none of them do this beautiful and historic place justice.


Of course, when in Hawaii, you gotta do a Luau!  Our first choice was to go to the Old Lahaina Luau as it is touted as being the most authentic.  However, we discovered you needed to book weeks in advance!  All of June was taken!  So, we went with our second choice at the Sheraton in Ka’anapali which is situated on Black Rock.

It was wonderful and had everything we needed!  Leis, scrumptious food, open bar and a fabulous show made for a memorable evening…especially when Mr. Waffle had to get up on stage with all the other newlywed men and do a hula!  Unfortunately, it was too dark to get decent photographic evidence of that moment.

6…Haleakala Crater

We left the warm, sandy beaches one day for a cooooold and windy trek up to 10,000 feet.  We were literally above the clouds and the view was breathtaking!

Haleakala is a dormant crater that has not been active since 1790.  There are several hiking trails and campgrounds that lead through the crater.  If you are a serious hiker/camper, you can even take a 3 day hike through the crater, down the other side of the mountain and come out onto a beautiful beach with stunning waterfalls and tide-pools.  I wanted to at least do a half-day hike, but alas my clothes were not warm enough for the 60° temps and high winds!  We had to be satisfied with huddling up in lookout stations.


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