August 10, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Hen Night

Posted in pre-wedding fun at 11:22 am by sewknotwrite

With so many guests pouring in from out of state and country throughout the week leading up to the big show, Waffle and I decided to have several events along the way to entertain and spend time with everyone.  Starting on Wednesday we had lunches, dinners, shopping and even a night out two-steppin’ at the legendary Broken Spoke.  Can I just say how happy I am again that I finished everything the weekend before things got rolling?  Seriously, ladies, it makes a world of difference!

So, with all of the hugs, catching up and preliminary “Welcome to Austin” activities out of the way, it was time for us to get down and have some serious, crazy fun at our Stag and Hen Nights (bach and bachelorette parties)!  Woohoo!

We started off with a small group at Ms. Pigeon’s house for a lingerie shower with ladies who were involved in the wedding.  I just wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable opening boxes of naughty underpants and things in front of a large group.  Then, there was a knock at the door…

AHHHHHHH!  It was my Man of Honor!  My absolute bestie had finally arrived from New York!  He was going to hang out with the ladies for the evening and make sure I didn’t get into any trouble.  He even played the toilet paper bride game with us and made me a fabulous bustled gown.

Then, the gang loaded up into cars and went down to meet the rest of our friends at The Highball for karaoke highjinks.

We had the Xanadu room which had walls covered in white shag carpet.  Magic Alie ordered a few buckets of champagne which made us all feel like total rock stars.

After some crooning and swooning, we moved on to the swanky W Hotel downtown to have some fancy pants drinks.

The W was packed, but the staff cleared us a space to sit and even gave me free champagne!  Woo!

Somehow, this funny mustache had been traveling with us all night long.

We were having so much fun…

…but the night had to end at some point.

Man of Honor Disco (my designated driver) and I went to pick up Mr Waffle at his Stag Do so we could go home and get a bit of rest before rehearsal brunch the next day and found out…

…he had been bull riding that evening!

Next up, we brunch!


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