August 23, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Rehearsal or BTW, We Slightly Changed Your Ceremony

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With our bellies full of brunch, we made our way to the space in the backyard that had been set up for rehearsal.

Grammy Waffle walked me down the “aisle” while I was obviously being silly and my “bouquet” was in front of my face instead of my belly button like Magic Alie told me to do.  Normally, I am not a person who behaves this way at rehearsals, but my nerves (and mimosas) must have been kicking in…just a pinch.

Captain Toes welcomed everyone to the “ceremony” and gave us a snippet of what he was going to say the next day.  I had faith that what he had chosen to say was going to be wonderful and wanted the full deal to be a surprise.

Ms. and Mr. Pigeon were going to be doing a reading of “I Like You” by Sandol Stoddard Warburg.  Poor Mr. Pigeon couldn’t make it to rehearsal, so Magic Alie stood in for him.

We laughed and everything was going so well.  We skimmed over the vows section and headed straight to the reading which was going to be done by Miss Dressage when Magic Alie and Captain Toes stopped the action to say they had made a slight change in the ceremony.

*Cue confused yet curious bride.

We were using memory jars as decor throughout the venue and were also putting our vows in a jar and sealing it during the ceremony.  Magic Alie and Tony had come up with the brilliant idea of incorporating one more jar to hold the names of all those who had been witness to our beautiful day.  They called it the “jar of acknowledgments” and, while Dressage read the poem “i carry your heart with me” by e.e. cummings, guests were to write their names on a slip of paper and put it into the jar as it was passed among them.  It would then be sealed, along with the vow jar and they could be kept in a special place in our home as a reminder of our promises and the people who were to encourage us to uphold them.

Mr Waffle and I were so touched that our friends had come up with this beautiful addition to our ceremony.  What a wonderful surprise!

With that, we practiced exchanging rings, wrapped up rehearsal and had a few more plans for the rest of the day.

Did you have any last minute changes to your ceremony?  Were they a welcome surprise?


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  1. Betty Rexrode said,

    Great idea….”jar of acknowledgments.”

    I love your blog.

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