September 13, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’!

Posted in pre-wedding fun at 10:31 pm by sewknotwrite

I will admit that when something exciting is about to occur I sleep about as well as a kid on Christmas Eve.  My head swims with glorious images and I wake up every hour on the hour.  Knowing this about myself and knowing that I wanted to be well rested and not have dark circles under my eyes in our wedding photos, I popped and extra strength Benedryl before going to bed and had one of the best sleeps ever.

I rolled out of bed at 9am with a blissful smile on my face and typed up my final post as a “Miss” for the hive.  The sun was shining and no hint of the ominous rain to come was in the air.

Around noon, Ms. Pigeon swung by my place to whisk me away to my bridal brunch with a brief stop off at Nordstrom’s to pick up my gift of monogrammed hankies for Mr. Waffle.

Ms. Pigeon, ME, Goode, Ms Dressage, MOH Sweet Pea, ManOH Disco, Make-up Mel

My ceremony readers, make-up artist and attendants met us at Zax where I smartly finished off an entire plate of eggs benedict with a side of fresh fruit and washed it all down with one of these…

Yes!  A lady has to start the day off right, doesn’t she?  What better way to do that than with a bloody mary bar?  I swear there’s a whole salad on top of that drink to balance out the vodka!

I am sooooo glad I decided to go for a low key morning alone followed by brunch with my besties before the day really got going.

Did you/are you having a bridal brunch on your wedding day?


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