September 19, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Let’s Hear It for the Boys

Posted in pre-wedding fun at 10:27 pm by sewknotwrite

I know “guys getting ready” posts aren’t necessarily popular, but I would feel a huge sense of guilt if I didn’t give Mr Waffle and his posse their shining moment.

I’m not exactly sure of all the details of Mr Waffle’s morning.  He couch surfed at a friend’s house the night before because he is sweet and traditional and didn’t want to see or hear from me until we met at the end of the aisle.  He waited until I was gone to brunch to come home and print out his vows and then had lunch with his family.

Best Man Rock Star kept him company on the boy’s side of the house while I was out and about taking pictures and checking on the set-up. (FYI..I always giggle when I see that cowhide mirror).

Captain Toes (our officiant and MOH Sweet Pea’s husband) joined the guys once he arrived at the venue and set to tying the bow tie we gifted him.  He’s such a good sport!  Tying a traditional bow tie is no easy task and he practiced a lot.

Photo by Perrie Belle Rogers

Mr Waffle is rarely silly, so I had to slide this photo in for sure!

MIL Waffle helped the gentlemen with their boutonnieres.  Check out her fascinator!  I’m pretty sure she made it herself as she is fabulously crafty!

Here’s an up close shot of one of the boutonnieres I made for Rock Star and Disco.  Vintage buttons + ribbon = amazing!  I was extremely pleased with how they looked!

Photo by Perrie Belle Rogers

These guys were ready to rock.

*All photos by Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted.


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