September 22, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Entertaining a Rain Delayed Bride

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With the downpour of rain, Mr Waffle was beside himself.  He thought I was surely broken-hearted and having a meltdown over the rain situation because he knew how hard I worked for the past year and how carefully I planned all the details for a garden wedding.

photo by Perrie Belle Rogers

Needless to say, he was slightly miffed when he saw these pictures and heard about the fact that I was laughing and being entertained by my besties.

It started innocently enough.  We were all hanging out in the large, luxurious bridal bathroom because it had the only chair that was comfortable for me to sit in with all that dress on me.  Sweet Pea, Disco, Mel and I started playing a word game on Disco’s phone.

Needless to say, this was not very exciting stuff for our lovely Nadine to shoot.  Once she left, Disco and Sweet Pea got silly.  Real silly.  Luckily, Make-up Mel caught it all on her iPhone!

While sitting on the edge of the ginormous spa tub they noticed it was surrounded with rain forest vegetation.

So, naturally, they had to hide in it.  While hiding in the brush, they spied a glass shower complete with props.

Obviously, my friends rock!

Nadine returned and I’m guessing room for people to stay dry was becoming a little sparse in the house because some friendlies made their way back to bride land to say hello and further the entertainment.  We moved to the ready room for more space.

There was karaoke to fabulous 80’s songs from our childhoods…

…and lots of awesome camera posing.

Captain Toes even brought me an offering of chocolate from Mr Waffle, who was sure I was crying and hungry.

But no, there was no crying.  Only laughter brought to me by all of my friends.

All photos by the amazingly talented Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted!


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