September 24, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

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My friends were doing a super job of keeping me entertained, but I was getting ants in the pants and wanted to get the show on the road!  We were supposed to start the ceremony at 6:30 and it was now 7.

Magic Alie finally came in and let us all know we were ready for go time and roughly described what my new ceremony site looked like.  This did my brain in a bit.  For a year, I knew exactly what the trek down the aisle was going to look like.  Now, I had no clue.  The control freak part of me started to panic a little, but “i just wanna get married” me squashed her down and said, “Screw it!  Let’s bustle this dress and get hitched!”

Not wanting to be a giant bridal sponge, I decided bustling the dress was for the best.  It was a made with a twinge of sadness because the train on the dress was part of what sold me on it.

I also had to take off my stunning “Love” shoes and replace them with my Vivienne Westwood jellies so I could tromp through the mud and water over to the tent.

“I’m ready!  Let’s go!  Let’s go! C’mon guys!”

We made our way to the tent where Alie gave us our final instructions.  It’s funny to me that in this picture the boys are totally the only ones paying attention.  My eyes are closed, SIL Waffle is looking at the trees and you can’t even see Sweet Pea because she’s been swallowed by my dress.

Sweet Pea handed dress carrying duties over to Magic Alie and gave me a big hug.

The crew headed down to the tent door.

The music started.  The crew did not walk.  Dudes!  Walk!  Go!  GO!!!

We were yelling at the bridal party, but between the plastic sheeting and the music noise they couldn’t hear us.  We spied Nadine catching it all on camera.

We let out a slightly embarrassed giggle.

Alie helped me around to the doorway where I was greeted by Grammy Waffle.  I changed from my jellies to my fancy heels and the crowd cheered.

All photos by the amazingly talented Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted!


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