September 29, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Welcome to Your Wedding

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Our officiant Captain Toes, photo by Steve Twigger

Hooray!  We were finally at ceremony time!  Let’s see…where did we leave off?  Oh, yes!  I had just met Grammy Waffle at the entrance of the tent and had changed from my jellies into my fancy heels.

photo by Perrie Belle

I was so honored that she agreed to walk me down the aisle.  She is a strong, independent, Southern woman and I love her to pieces!

photo by Perrie Belle

We made our way to the front where Mr Waffle and Captain Toes had been patiently waiting.

photo by Perrie Belle

The poor Captain, while welcoming the guests, was sweating buckets and I had to try really hard not to laugh out loud.

photo by Nadine Studio

 Then, Goode gave a blessing.

photo by Nadine Studio

“Dear God,

We ask your blessing on Emily and Mike as they begin this new adventure together.  Grant them patience, humility and faithfulness. May they always yearn for each other as we yearn for you.  May they always treasure their friendship as much as their passion.  When they encounter challenges, may they always remember the healing powers of a hug or a laugh or an ‘I love you.’  May they rest in the knowledge that no matter what struggles they may encounter, by holding on to each other and keeping their eyes on You, they will always come to find the strength they need to succeed on their journey together.

photo by Nadine Studio

We know you rejoice as this covenant is made and pray for your continued grace and mercy to cover this new family.


Captain Toes, who is a carpenter, followed the blessing with a wonderful message about marriage and the importance of building a strong foundation.  It was very sweet, thoughtfully written and delivered beautifully.  Our Captain is a very eloquent man!

He passed off the mic to the Pigeons who did a reading of Sandol Stoddard Warburg’s “I Like You.”

photo by Nadine Studio

They knocked it out of the park!  The crowd was rolling with laughter through most of it.

photo by Nadine Studio

With the first portion of the ceremony complete, it was now our turn to speak and share our vows.

photo by Perrie Belle


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