October 6, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Cocktail 20 Minutes

Posted in ceremony and reception at 9:37 am by sewknotwrite

So, this part of the day was the one I was most depressed about a few days following the wedding.  The evening before we left for our Hawaiian honeymoon I recall being a ball of tears on our kitchen floor.

Due to the rain delay, we lost cocktail hour.  It had gone from a full hour to 20 minutes.  It was supposed to be the time where we rushed through family photos, took fun bridal party photos and then bride and groom portraits.  All we had time for were stuffy, formal family photos and scarfing down some passed appetizers.  We were unable to sneak away for photos of just the two of us on our day.  There simply was no time.  Our venue and Nadine graciously offered to reschedule a day for us to do bride and groom photos, but I knew in my heart it would not be the same.  A special magic hung in the air that day and was clinging to us in a way that would fade in the days to come.

Luckily, when we received our wedding photos, we saw some brilliant shots that were taken in the lost cocktail hour which have since lifted my spirits.  Do I still mourn the pictures that could have been?  In all honesty, yes.  However, I am joyous in what we do have.

Here’s our collection of formals and candids from that small window of time.  Enjoy.

Formal Photos by Perrie Belle:

Step-FIL Waffle with me enjoying a watermelon gazpacho shooter

MOH Sweet Pea, ManOH Disco, Captain Toes, The Waffles, Best Man Rock Star, Best Woman SIL Waffle

Brother Waffle, Step-sister Waffle, US, Mama Waffle, Step-dad Waffle

4 Mini Waffles, Brother Waffle, US, Grammy Waffle, Step-mom Waffle, Papa Waffle

SIL Waffle, Step-FIL Waffle, THE WAFFLES, MIL Waffle, BIL Waffle

BIL Waffle, MR and MRS, Step-MIL Waffle, FIL Waffle

Candids by Nadine Studio:

Boys cooing over gadgets.

Guests looking for their bells.

Love is all around us.

Sharing bells.

Sharing stories.

Enjoying a small break!

Candids by Steve Twigger:

Magic Alie has some fun with napkin karaoke.

This final photo by Steve, which I have posted before, is the one that made everything better for me.  He caught this over Perrie Belle’s shoulder while we were waiting for our family to assemble for formals.  So magical.  So beautiful.



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