October 8, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Toasts n’ Cake

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Yes, I have skipped over the dinner portion of the day.  There are no photos of it, but it was divine!

After our 20 minute cocktail hour, all the guests were seated.  Mr Waffle and I took advantage of the “all guests were seated” business to go to each table and say our “hellos” and “thank yous.”  This worked out perrrrfectly.  I wanted to make sure we were able to talk to everyone that came and having captive tables of people waiting for Royal Fig’s heavenly BBQ to be served up was just the ticket!

Due to the fact that we were running a bit behind, Kristen of Royal Fig suggested a new reception schedule for us and I said “yes” without hesitation because that lady knows her stuff.  She and her staff had run everything form their end seamlessly so far and I knew I could trust her expert opinion.

We grabbed our champagne flutes and started with toasts.

Best Man Rock Star kicked it off with a lot of funny one-liners and some embarrassing info on Mr Waffle.  Everyone had a good laugh.

Sweet Pea and Disco decided to do their toast together.  Disco is explaining here that he got his degree in working backstage and not onstage, therefore public speaking is not his forté.

Sweet Pea is discussing her theory that I chose her and Disco to be my friends because their short stature would make me seem more tall and statuesque.  After they took their stabs at me, they said some very sweet and touching things that left me a bit misty eyed.

SIL Waffle was last.  While she was in town, she had some embarrassing photos of Mr Waffle blown up.  She told some incredible stories and had everyone rolling with laughter.

Then, she pulled out this picture of her hugging Waffs.  Her words about finally seeing her brother blissfully happy and how much she loves him moved us all.  Everyone was in tears by the end of her toast…even Mr Waffle.

With toasts done, we headed over to cutting cake.

photo by Perrie Belle

Clearly, Mr Waffle (who loooooves sweets) was most excited about this portion of the evening.  He is ready to hack into that bad boy before I even have the topper off.

photo by Perrie Belle

We took the obligitory “pose like you’re about to cut the cake” pic and I, of course, am not smiling like a blushing bride, but have my mouth wide open like a crazy party girl…in more than one picture.

We cut into the almond cake with Swiss butter-cream.


Our bellies were full and we were ready to dance!

*All photos by Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted.


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