October 21, 2011

…And Mrs Waffle Waved, “Farewell.”

Posted in Random at 9:47 am by sewknotwrite

*To the tune of the “Mickey Mouse” Club song.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye…

to all my company.


Weddingbee, weddingbee…

Forever will I hold your hearts with me.

You came along, sang my song and joined my family.

W-E-D…Delighted to have been here!

D-I-N-G…Gee it’s been swell!


I’m trying really hard not to cry all over my keyboard as I say this farewell.  Bees before me have said this is difficult and it is soooooo true!

It has been an honor and a sincere pleasure spending the past 11 months with you amazing ladies!  Everyone has been very supportive, honest and helpful and my hope is that I’ve done the same for you too.  I plan to drop in every now and again, but if you’re missing some Waffle love you can check me out at my new (and almost complete) blog sew.knot.write where I muse about my life as a performer, costumer and artist.  I’m sure the typical DIY projects and sketches of my crazy life will make appearances, too!

Much bee love to you all, wherever you may be!


Photo by Nadine Studio



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