October 13, 2011

Waffley Wedded Details: Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

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I didn’t put many detail shots into my recap posts and I received some questions about particular aspects of the big hurrah.  So, before I say my farewell, I thought I’d leave you lovely ladies with a short series of detail posts.  Enjoy!

The Dress

Pronovias La Sposa, style name London from the 2010 collection

The Shoes

Enzoani Love Orchid heels

Vivienne Westwood Melissa Ultragirl  jellies


Something new – floral and feathered hairpiece from Alexia Gavela where I purchased my dress.

Something old – vintage hankie given to me by a friend

Something borrowed – Blush colored pearls and earrings from MOH Sweet Pea

Something blue – gingham underpants from American Eagle

Waffle charm – This was stitched to my bouquet along with my bee charms.

DIY flag garter…which never got tossed because Mr Waffle thought it improper to go under his wife’s dress in front of family and friends.  Oh, well.

The rings!

Mr Waffle

This photo by Perrie Belle was the best detail shot of his attire.  He’s making weird faces in his solo shots.  The suit, tie and lavender shirt are from Men’s Warehouse.  The boutonniere is a flower from my hairpiece that was jazzed up with, baby’s breath, ribbon and buttons by our florist.

*All photos by Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted.


September 17, 2011

Waffley Wedded Wife: Dress

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While  Mr Waffle and his people got ready, I seized the moment to get dressed, catch a glimpse of the ceremony/reception set-up and take a few solo pictures in my gown.

I believe the photos can tell you the story…

*All photos by Nadine Studio

May 8, 2011

Hair It Is!

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One of the perks of working in theatre is getting to know super awesome people…like my friend Marvelous Make-up Melanie.

Not only is she a hair and make-up goddess for theatre and film, but she is also a great friend!  Our favorite past-time is hanging out at a restaurant called Polvo’s, tossing back margaritas and having a good old gossip session.

I am sooooo excited that she will be doing my hair and make-ups for the wedding…’cause I know I’m gonna look drop dead gorgeous in this lady’s hands.  Luckily, our crazy schedules aligned this weekend and we were working on the same show, so we carved out some time during act II and did a lil’ hair trial and took pictures from all angles.   I asked for messy, but not too messy, organic, romantic side bun and that’s exactly what I got!  Eeeeee!  I can’t wait for you to see it!!!

Yay!!!  I love it and can’t wait to pair it up with my dress!

Have you had a hair trial yet?  How’d it go?

May 2, 2011

Zipper-dee-doo-dah: The Splitters

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Split zippers are by far the worst of the zipper malfunctions one can have.  Yuck!  In my previous post, I wrote about zippers that won’t go up and one’s that get fabric stuck in them.  Today, we tackle the splitters.

There are three ways to handle your split zippers…basic, intermediate and advanced.  I highly suggest you take a look at all three methods.  Just because advanced says “advanced” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot.  It’s actually easier than you would think.  😉

The basic method involves using the tagger or safety pins and is pretty self explanatory.

Intermediate involves needle and thread.  My advice is to use a heavy duty thread or even white dental floss over regular thread.  Why?  All the friction from you moving, hugging, kissing and shimmying the night away may cause the zipper teeth to wear on the thinner thread and cause your stitching to go.  In any case, use a whip stitch (a very quick, easy and basic stitch) to bind your zipper together.  Just remember to have scissors handy at the end of the evening so a special someone can help you out at the end of it all!

The advanced method will involve time and taking some things apart, but putting it back together is no more scary than zipping up a hoodie.  Trust me.  so, if you have a good 15-20 minutes to spare, this is a good option.  If not, whip stitch away my friend!

First, on the inside of the dress, look at the base of the zipper.  It will have a metal bracket acting as a stopper.  Take it off using your needle-nose pliers.

Slide the zipper head down to the bottom of the zipper tape.  Leave the head attached to one side of the tape and reinsert the other side (just like zipping up a hoodie).  Zip up your zipper and make sure it works.

If it works, all you need to do is close up the bottom (where the metal bracket used to be) with a bar tack…

…and you’re done!

Hope this was helpful for you ladies!

April 25, 2011

Zipper-dee-doo-dah: The Basics

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An acquaintance of mine once told me a story of her zipper bursting at her wedding.  Her mother quickly whip-stitched the zipper back together and later, at the reception, her father handed the groom a pocketknife and said, “You’re gonna need this later.”

Zipper malfunctions and weddings are sometimes common and unfortunate friends.  This post is by no means meant to freak anyone out, but rather to help you make friends with zippers and know what to do with them when they malfunction.  What’s that saying…”keep your friends close and your enemies closer”…”know thy enemy”?  Those toothy little bastards can seem intimidating and difficult, but they really aren’t.  They are a lot like us in that when they are put under too much stress, they break.

Today, I’m going to focus on two pretty basic problems of zippers refusing to go up or down.

My zipper won’t go up because it’s too tight…

First of all, don’t force it!  The gut reaction for most people is to yank on the zipper with all of their might until it goes.  This will, more than likely, result in a situation where it goes off track or bursts all together.  Ahhhhhh!

All you really need to do is smoosh and redistribute where things are sitting.  All of us galls have done this at one time or another and I have seen people smoosh in two different ways…straight in and wraparound.  Straight in is like so…

Take your newly manicured mitts and, coming straight in from the sides, smoosh your body so the person doing the zipping can get it working.  Continue this process all the way up the body, stopping and resmooshing whenever the zipper fails to move.  I also find that securing the hook and eye at the top before zipping helps.  The wraparound technique is similar, but involves smoothing the fabric and body from front to back so there is excess to zip.  While the wraparound technique works, you are essentially moving all of your skin to the back, instead of evenly distributing it, and therefore are more likely to get “back fat.”

My zipper won’t go up because there’s fabric in it…

Again, don’t force it!

Ugh, we all hate it when that teensy piece of fabric gets caught in the zipper.  It’s so annoying!

Move the excess fabric away from the teeth and firmly, yet gently, pull the zipper up.  The fabric should come free from the zipper head.

If, after this, you have fabric stuck in the teeth, repeat the process downward.  Just remember to be gentle and firm.  It may be necessary for you to pull out your needle-nose pliers from your sewing kit if the fabric is thick and needs additional coaxing and leverage.

Up next?  Tackling the BIG issue…zipper splitting.

April 5, 2011

Shoe Shopping with Mr Waffle

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It has been discussed before that shopping with Mr Waffle is a difficult experience.  He is a super duper picky pants about everything.  We needed to get him new, black dress shoes for our wedding and the wedding of the Pigeons, which he is a groomsman for later this month.

He had been digging his heels in on this one for a long time now.  He has a nice pair of black shoes, but they are by no means dress shoes.  I showed them to Miss Pigeon when they were over at our house and she told him that they were not an acceptable substitution.  I thanked her profusely.

So, yesterday, along with ring shopping and meeting with our DJ for the first time, we went shoe shopping.

Mr Waffle moped over to the men’s section and I followed (desperately trying to not be tempted to venture into the aisle of high heeled bliss).  The look of disgust on his face frightened me.  As we walked along the back wall covered in dress shoes I heard, over and over, the following phrases…

“Too dad-like.”

“Too much like school shoes.”

“Too pointy.”

Too square.”

“Too European.”

Ugh.  We paced up and down the aisle 3 or 4 times before finally landing on something that was semi acceptable.  He tried them on.

Now, dress shoes are a bit slick on the bottom when you first wear them and when Waffle first stood up it was much like Bambi walking on ice.  He slipped and slid around for a while and then, upon discovering he could slide around, proceeded to “ice skate” up and down the aisle at DSW.  A grown man, who is never silly in public was gliding through the store with a big grin like a toddler.

I was confused and highly amused at the same time.  I laughed soooo hard I almost wet my pants…especially when he got excited over the fact that these slippery shoes were awesome for Moonwalking.

Thank goodness we found shoes he likes!

Did you have a struggle getting your mister to wear dress shoes?

March 31, 2011


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While preparing for my fitting today, I was thinking about what in the world I was going to wear under my dress.  I’m pretty picky and finicky when it comes to underpants.  For a girl of my stature, I’m carrying quite a bit of luscious luggage in the back.  I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error with finding exactly the brand, shape and size of underwear that are comfortable and won’t ride up the booty.  Goodness knows, I do NOT want to be this…


Therefore, I am going to skip looking for pretty, lacy, fancy pants and head straight for the underpants I know and trust which makes me soooooo happy I decided to go with a gown that is fuller on the bottom instead of a mermaid or trumpet style.  If I had to wear a thong all day, I would be miserable.

Lucky for me, there are some really sweet and cute styles out there right now in my favorite cuts that would be perfect for my something blue and keep me comfortable all day long.

American Eagle Striped Wide Lace Boybrief

American Eagle Mini Ikat Wide Lace Boybrief

And this pair is just awesomely funny…

Victoria’s Secret Pink, Cotton Curved Hem Hipster

Are you planning on going fancy pants or comfy pants for the wedding?  Should I go with funny underpants or sweet and lacy?


February 16, 2011

Dear Tartlet, This is Your Fault…or It Might Be the Drugs…or Both

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The lovely, wonderful and sweet Miss Tartlet recently wrote a inspiration shoe post that had me drooling on my keyboard.  On this post, I saw these lovely Vivienne Westwoods

Now, this past week I have had the flu, bronchitis, etc and have therefore been on a slew of interesting drugs.  I have looked and felt like this for the past 5 days…

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Miss Waffle, what in the world does being sick and crazy on flu medicine have to do with these lovely shoes?”

Well, hive, it means that I have plenty of time to sit, stare and obsess over those darlings.  I even found out they come in blue.

When I made this discovery I freaked.  Eeeeee!  Aaaaaaaand then I found out there was only one pair left in my size.  In my drug induced haze of crazy, I panicked and thought, “There is no time to deliberate this purchase.  Must.  Buy.  NOW!” (Sorry Mr Waffle)

Today, however, with a much clearer head, I am wondering what compelled me to do such a thing.  I am normally not an impulse shopper.  These would be really great shoes to change into at the end of a long day in my 4″ heels of Love, but should I keep them?  I feel like I’m stealing them after the lovely Tartlet found them first.  Miss Tartlet, if you want them, I’ll let you have them.

Ugh, what is wrong with me?

Must be the drugs.

February 10, 2011

Oh My Garters! Gartery Goodness

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Awww, so sorry Mr Waffle.  Two posts in a row that you’re not allowed to read.  You’ll thank me later!  🙂

A while back I wrote a post about DIYing my own garter and asked you lovely people to vote on which one I should make.  The vote was a resounding choice for this one…

So, yesterday, I got out all my crafty business…

and made it…

The flags aren’t perfect, but that’s OK with me.  Flags are difficult and this is going to be strapped on me under a giant dress all day anyhow.

Thanks again for helping me choose hive!

January 24, 2011

Antsy Pants

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Boy, oh boy!  I am getting closer to the moment when my dress is supposed to be arriving.  The bridal salon should be calling me sometime within the next two weeks to say, “Hello, Miss Waffle, your dress has arrived.  Would you love to come down to the salon to try it on, drool all over it and squeal until you faint?”

AHHHHH!  It’s killing me!

Honestly, I am having two types of dreams that are keeping me up at night in regards to all this dress excitement/anxiety.

In the awesome dream, I go to Alexia Gavela, put on my dress and I look super fierce.  Blindingly fierce!  No alterations need to be done because it is so darn perfect.  I skip out of the store and take it home with a big smile on my face.

In the not-so-awesome dream, when I try on my dress, it won’t zip all the way up because my waist is too big by 1 stupid inch!  The alterations lady yells at me for ordering a dress that is too small, tells me there is no seam allowance to let it out and I get depressed.  Guilty “howdidigainsomuchweight” speak runs through my head.  Holiday weight?  Too much cheese?  Too much beer?  Then, I go home and eat too much cheese and drink too much beer (because I’m depressed) and all hope is reallllllly lost.

So, all that to say…

I am not sleeping well and would that damn dress just get here already!!!

Is anyone else out there experiencing antsy, sleepless, wedding dress excitement/anxiety?  Or am I just a crazy lady?

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