October 14, 2011

Waffley Wedded Details: Cake, Decor and More

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More detail shots comin’ at ya!  I never really showed you lovelies the desserts, decor and flowers.  Here they are…

Cake and Dessert Table

All of these amazing sweet treats and our 6″ cutting cake were done by Blue Note Bakery.  The trays and cake stand were borrowed from friends.  I stamped take-out boxes so guests could take the sweets home.  We only had a handful leftover at the end of the night because they were soooooo good!

Tray with assorted mini desserts: pecan pies, key lime blackberry bars, eclairs, s’mores and custard tarts.

Photo by Steve Twigger of cake bars.  We had three flavors that were differentiated by color: green = pistachio with espresso filling, tan = carrot with cream cheese filling, white = gluten free chocolate hazelnut with chocolate ganache filling.

Toasted almond cutting cake with buttercream frosting.  Cake topper from Etsy shop Milk Tea.


We had so many varieties of flowers and foliage that I can’t even name them all.  I know, for sure, we had hydrangea, lavender, hyacinth, peonies, statice, freesia, thistles, roses and dusty miller.  Robin Graybill, our florist did such a good job at taking my vision and running with it.

I was a naughty bride and forgot to include pics of the bouquets on the photo list.  Therefore, there are no beautiful, posed shots of them to show.  Blerg.  The action shots of them will have to suffice.

I cropped this photo by Perrie Belle.  My bouquet has hydrangea, purple roses, dusty miller and some really cool filler that I don’t know the name of.  Oops.  🙂

The best pic of Sweet Pea’s bouquet was by Twigger.  Her’s has hydrangea, peonies, lavender and dusty miller.

SIL Waffle’s bouquet consisted of hydrangea, lavender and dusty miller.

Robin made some beautiful table arrangements as well.

Table Settings

Going through the flowers now brings us to the table set up.  The centerpieces consisted of wood rounds that I got from Mrs. Pretzel, a memory jar, a picture candle jar and a vessel with flowers.  Tables were assigned by fabric that coincided with the napkins I made.

Photo by Steve Twigger

Guest Book Table

Our guestbook was a photo album we made online compiled of images from past and present.  The card rack is antique and borrowed from Magic Alie.  The millions of buttons are from my collection of buttons that I do, indeed, keep in jars.  The card rack featured jars of dried bouquets from Sweet Pea’s and Disco’s weddings, our Save the Date, our invitation and various trinkets.

photo by Perrie Belle

photo by Perrie Belle

*All photos by Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted.


May 27, 2011

A Topper to Die For

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“Eeeeeeeeeeeee!  It’s so amaaaazing!  And tiny….ooh it’s tiny!”

This is what Mr Waffle heard from the living room as I opened our cake topper that just arrived from Etsy shop Milk Tea.  Poor Waffle isn’t allowed to see it yet because the little people are dressed like us and my dress is being kept super top secret from him (he’s crazy superstitious).

So, before we continue, I need to issue this warning…

OK, now that he’s gone, I can show you ladies what all the squealing is about…

The whole topper is only 7″ tall and the detail is exquisite considering the smallness of everything.  They look just like us!  Yay!

The little E + M heart made me a little misty eyed.  Sooooo sweet!

I love how you can see them holding hands from the back.

The artist even put feathers in the tiny hairpiece, just like my real one, and rhinestones in the corners of the glasses.

I had no idea this was on the bottom until I started to pack it away to take to our baker.  Love it!

Did you get a custom or specialty cake topper?


May 23, 2011

Waffle Craft Tutorial: Cake Table Sign

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I know I promised a tutorial for the Brunchy Invites, and I’m almost through with that post, but I’m gonna do one for this first because I have all the pictures resized and blah, blah, blah already.  Seriously, I promise invites will be next.  Pinky swear.

Items you may need for this project:

  • Blank sign
  • Wood monogram letter
  • Graphite paper or pencil
  • Blue painter tape or masking tape
  • Thick wired ribbon
  • Fake flowers
  • Nails and hammer or screws and drill
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Brushes
  • Fine point Sharpie
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Scissors
  • Patience

First up, I found a blank stand sign and monogram letter at Michael’s and painted them the desired colors with acrylic craft paint.  Once that was dry, I got out a sheet of graphite paper (also available at craft and art stores) and taped it to the blank sign with blue painter tape.  If you don’t have/can’t find graphite paper, you can also color the back of your text print out with a pencil and transfer that way.

I then printed out the text I wanted on the sign (I used the same fonts we used on our invitations) and positioned it on top of the graphite paper.  Once it was in a place I liked, I also taped it down.

I traced over all the letters with a pencil and carefully peeled off the paper and graphite transfer to reveal the text underneath.

If there are any smudges or imperfections left from the transfer paper, you can always spot paint over them later.  Goodness knows I did!

With a fine tipped brush, I painted a few coats of the lettering on.  The smaller text was actually done with a grey, fine point Sharpie.

After everything was dry, I wrapped the monogram “C” with the thick, wired ribbon as I wanted and taped it down with the painter tape.  Mr Waffle then pitched in to screw the letter onto the sign.  Please excuse his grouchy face.  Apparently, he doesn’t like being photographed while crafting.

Then, get out your glue guns ladies, because it’s time to hot glue flowers and ribbon.  Be careful not to burn yourself.  I totally burned myself big time and cried like a freakin’ baby.  Truthfully, I do this almost every time I use a glue gun and it is the reason I rarely use a glue gun when crafting.

FYI…I used my blue tape to tape down the flowers before I glued them on just to make sure I liked the layout.

After that, you are finished and can take loads of pictures and show them to your friends so that they can see what awesome, crafty divas you are…because you, Hive, are full of boatloads of talent!


Cake Table Signage

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Our monogram, which was created for our invitations, was so beautiful that I felt compelled to use it elsewhere in our wedding.  If you need a refresher, it looked like this…

While wandering around the craft store, in search of inspiration for a cake table sign, I stumbled upon a wooden “C” and it hit me that I should use our monogram for different signage around the venue.  I tossed some ideas around in my head on how to slightly modify it for our purposes, and…Ta Da!

A modified version of our monogram for our cake table.  I really love it and am wondering how I should re-purpose it for decoration in our home.

Should I repaint it with something new?  Any ideas Hive?

May 18, 2011

Craft-a-thon 2011!

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To quote my friend Jen, “HOLY BANANAS!”

I can’t believe how close we are.  Seriously.  When did time decide to go in to super hyper speed?  How is it possible that I’m in the teens portion of the countdown?

My goal through this whole process has been to have everything done before the week of the wedding.  That way I can relax and enjoy myself instead of feeling “OMG!  I’m never going to finish!”  So, in order to reach that goal I have been having a full on “Craft-a-thon 2011” happening at the Waffle house this week and culminating in a huge group craft day with my friends on Sunday.  We will get it done!

Luckily, the only crafts left are those pesky ones that can’t be done until that last slow-poke RSVP comes through your mailbox.  You know, the ones that hinge on a seating chart.

Our seating for this extravaganza is being assigned by fabric.  Once I got the seating chart finished, I was on to the daunting task of stitching swatches to all the escort cards.

Next project on the list was to tie all 105 of these suckers to the bells (which will eventually be tied to ribbon strands that will hang from a magnolia tree).

These aren’t even all of the bells we are using. 

My project after that was to finish up all the napkins I was making.  They will eventually be rolled and tied (on Sunday) with name tags I made using printable fabric and that vintage typewriter we have lying around.

What’s left for “craft-a-thon 2011”?  Wellllll….

  • Mod Podge jar lids for memory jars
  • Make signage for tables and such
  • Finish candle jars
  • Make monogram banner for ceremony arch
  • Make kid activity books and bags

Sounds like a lot to do by Sunday, but I have an army of ladies and Mr Waffle helping out over the weekend.

How are you doing on your DIY to-do list?  Do have a finish date goal like me?

January 5, 2011

Grrrrrrr, Math Makes My Brain Hurt

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This is the way I’m feeling right now.  Thank you math and sneaky fabrics.  Thank you for making me feel like a complete moron who made a HUGE mistake.

For realsies, ladies, I use basic sewing math at work everyday.  I buy fabric ALL the time.  I KNOW the drill, and yet I somehow managed to SCREW IT UP.

So, remember all the pretty fabrics I bought to make napkins?  If you don’t, here’s a refresher…

The fabrics I purchased came from the quilting section of the store.  Most of the bolts of fabric in the quilting section come in 45″ widths.  My plan was to make napkins that were a square 15″ x 15″.  What does this mean?  Well it means that to make 8 napkins I need 45″ wide by 45″ long.  Being a person who always likes to buy a little bit extra (just in case the cutting table lady cuts you short, etc), I bought 1½ yards (54″) of 45″ fabric.  Perfect.

Or so I thought.

I completely forgot that some quilting fabrics do not come in 45″ bolts.  They are sneaky and mean and come in 42″ or 43″ bolts instead.  I made a rookie mistake and just had the fabric cut under the assumption that it would all be 45″ wide.  GAH!  This means I’m short by a mere few inches on some of them!  ARGH!

On the bright side, not all of the fabric is wrong.  Some of it was fabric I already owned and I know I have plenty.  Others are fine because they were 45″ wide.

So, here’s the dilemma.  I can use what I have, do some fancy maths, cut them into rectangles and, as Tim Gunn would say, “make it work.”  I could also go to the fabric stores, cross my fingers and search for the fabric I’m short on and buy the amount I’m missing.  Math makes my brain hurt though, so I’m leaning towards going on the hunt.

What would you do?

December 23, 2010

For Whom the Bell Escorts

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When last we left, the antique bells I found were going to be used for our send-off.  Then, this idea popped into my head.

OK.  I’m sure you have the same confused look on your face that Waffle did when I first showed this to him.  Ummmmm, what is that?

It’s all of our bells hung from a tree.

Still confused?

Welllllllll, I figured our bells were too fantastic to use for just the send-off at the very end of it all and needed more time to shine.  So, they became escort cards as well.  Why am I hanging them from a tree?  Well, why not?  Somewhere, along with this vision, I thought the idea of having a sweet breeze blowing through the venue and the sound of the bells chiming in the distance.  I’m probably just romanticizing it all, but that’s what I do. 🙂

Yesterday, I did a mock-up to test my vision.  I got out some ribbon…

…and one of my bells.  I zig-zag stitched a swatch of one of my table assignments to the card with my sewing machine and wrote the name on the other side.  The “escort card” came from a pack of small tags from Michael’s and is tied to the bell like so…

I zig-zag stitched a piece of ½” ribbon to a sturdier piece of 1½” ribbon and secured the bell to it with a bow.

Bonus points to you if you catch the escort card reference!

Yay!  It works with no sagging or pulling!  Now my bells have gone from having one job to three as they are now escort cards, send-off items and favors!

Do you have any wedding items that are doing double or triple duty?

December 21, 2010

Wedding Bells

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Yet another wedding decor collection by yours truly…

So far, I have collections of fabric, mementos, jars and vases.  There’s one more to add to the list.  Bells.

Please excuse my messy desk.

Lots and lots of bells.  I currently have 75.

I had mentioned in a comment on Panther’s mismatched china post that I deeply wanted to get antique bells for our send-off, but couldn’t find any that were a decent price.  Luckily, helpful hive member evorce pointed out that I should check out eBay under a search “lot of bells.”

Thank you very much, evorce!  I hit the jackpot!  On average, I would say that I’ve spent about $1 on each bell.  This is a great deal considering the antique stores I hit up in Austin wanted $5 or more per bell.

I found some that look like people.

This one makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood.

Some of them are collectible state bells.

Awww, I ♥ NY!

However, now that I have all these fantastic finds I’ve decided they need to be used for more that just the grand send-off.  What other use could I have?  You’ll have to wait until next time. 😉

Are you taking on any wedding decor collecting?

December 10, 2010

The Winner On Top

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I asked and you responded loud and clear that cake toppper #1 was the best!  Here are a few examples of what I’m ordering to refresh your memory and because I just can’t get enough.

Custom Keepsake Wedding Cake Topper with Custom Wedding DressSource

Custom Keepsake Wedding Cake Topper with Custom Wedding Dress and Cloud BackgroundSource

Custom Keepsake Wedding Cake Topper with Custom Wedding Dress and TophatSource

I contacted the shop owner of Milk Tea on Etsy and she responded quite quickly with a custom order form.  She is extremely nice and asks very detailed questions about your flowers, hairstyles, clothes and whether or not you wear glasses.  My little lady will be wearing glasses and the artist has even suggested she can put small jewels in the corner just like my real glasses!  I can’t wait!

December 9, 2010

Napkins and Runners and Sashes, Oh MY!

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If this project fails later on and I cry about it, you have full permission to say, “I told you so.”

Despite the full warnings of other Bees before me, I am making my own table linens.  ‘Cause I’m crazy like that.  I have decided to assign reception tables by fabric.  See all the pretty fabric…

I still need 2-3 more fabrics, but this is a good place to start.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why Waffle?  WHY???  It’s going to take you FOREVER!  WHY???”

I will answer you this, “I’m going to start early and kinda cheat.”

For starters, I will be using a large, self-healing cutting mat and rotary cutter.  These tools alone slice fabric cutting time in half.

I will then finish the edges of the fabric off with my baby.  My serger.  So, that means no turning hems under, stitching and pressing.  I will run all my napkins and cocktail table sashes through this baby and call it a day.

Are you curious as to what a serger does?  Go ahead and look inside your clothes.  The edges are finished with an overlocked stitch that helps keep the fabric from fraying.  Sergers (also called overlock machines) trim the edges of fabric and encase them.  If the serger is fancy, like mine, then you can choose what you want the edge finishing to look like.  Here are some basic choices…


I am planning to use the two-threaded rolled hem you see on the left for all of my napkins.  I’m still on the fence though as to whether or not I want to properly finish the hems for the table runners.  We’ll see.

Are you planning any big sewing projects for the main event?  Are you going to take any crafty shortcuts like me?


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