May 8, 2012

Bridal Memories

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Well, hello there Hive!  Haven’t seen you lovelies in quite  a while!

Mr Waffle and I are quickly creeping up on our one year wedding anniversary (ahhhhhhh!) and I am only just now getting some post wedding projects done.  You know…photo albums, putting pictures in frames and deciding what to do with my dried out bouquet that’s living on our bookshelf.  I’m feeling some extra bit of pressure to get these things done because we’ll be moving to New York at the end of the month.  We’ll be celebrating our first anniversary with a road trip from the Lone Star State to the Big Apple!

I’ve decided to pop back in here for a second to share with you one post wedding project I did complete recently that I absolutely love….

This shadow box frame was purchased about a year ago specifically for housing some bridal memories and a photo.  I knew its purpose for a long time, but I wasn’t sure what was going in it until I received the illustration.

We had a portrait done by the talented Jennifer Hancock of The Illustrated Bride.  She is a fashion illustrator and designer who now does custom pieces for brides and they are gorgeous with superb attention to every detail!  I LOVE fashion and costume renderings and the designer in me just couldn’t resist having her do a piece for us.

It arrived in such lovely packaging!

Don’t we look sharp!  I know it’s hard to tell from this photo, but every single detail has been captured.  She even put in the teeny tiny rhinestones that are nestled in the corners of my glasses and replicated the pattern on his tie!

The shadow box was the perfect venue for our illustrated selves and a few small, treasured pieces from the wedding day like one of our bells, buttons, our name and Mr. Waffle’s boutonniere.

I love how this project came together!

How are you preserving some of your bridal memories?  Would you ever get a wedding portrait or illustration?


October 18, 2011

A Final, Post-Wedding DIY

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Thank you cards!

You knew I had to sneak one more project in there!  Yes, I handmade our thank you cards and they were super easy to make, especially when paired with a pint of Shiner and episodes of SVU.

I made 2 different sets based on the materials I had on hand.  The first set is the “tag” set and looks like this…

When I ran out of tags, I made a “bunting” set…

I used these supplies…

  • Colorful, blank cards
  • Leftover scrapbook paper, tags and ribbon from previous projects
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Stamps
  • Ink pad

We are just now getting around to finishing the sending of the Thank You cards because, well, life was a bit hectic after the wedding.  We sent out half of them, moved and then I lost my list in the move.  Grrrr!  However, the list has been found and anyone who hasn’t received a “thank you” in written form will be getting one soon.

Has anyone else had the crazy notion to DIY their “Thank You” cards too?

October 15, 2011

Activity Book

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So, there was one DIY project that was amazing which I ran out of time to blog about, was never photographed and got rain soaked…but it was still a big hit.  I made goodie bags for all the kidlets 10 and under complete with custom made activity books, crayons, small toys and trinkets, Goldfish crackers and ring pops.

Here are the pages of my book…

It was fun seeing the kids making good use of the contents of their bags and they didn’t care that they were a bit damp and soggy.  Also, those little darlings were the best behaved wedding guest kids I have ever seen!  Bravo to them and their parents!

Did you/are you making activity bags for your mini guests?  If so, what did you/are you including?


Waffley Wedded Details: DIY Projects

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Here are all most of my DIY projects.  They are linked up to the tutorials I previously wrote.  However, if there’s a project I don’t have a how-to for and you’d like one, just let me know!  Enjoy!


Ah, my bells.  It was the biggest and most time consuming of all my DIY projects, but this project had 3 purposes (escort card, favor and send-off item) which made it worth the time.  I collected them all off of ebay by buying them in lots.  Most were in lots of 5 or more and came from estate sales.

Each bell had a tag attached to it with the guest’s name and a swatch of their table assignment stitched on it.  Yep, I stitched 105 swatches onto little tags, but it was worth it!

photo by Steve Twigger

The bells were then tied to a long strand of 1.5″ ribbon by small pieces of 1/4″ ribbon that I had stitched on and then tied to the tree.  However, when the rain came my team moved them all to the archway in our tent.

photo by Steve Twigger

This project was a true labor of love.  I tried to match each bell to the guest I thought it suited best.  To this day, people still say thank you for their bell and tell me how it is their favorite wedding favor/memento they have ever received!

Seating Chart

The seating chart is done on a cheap canvas that happened to be 50% off when I went to buy it!  Win!  I decoupaged the “tables” onto the canvas and everything else was added on with hot glue.  By the by, I did minimal hot glue projects because, even though I’m pretty craft-tastic, I burn myself every time I use a hot glue gun.  I have an awesome scar on my right hand from making this beauty.

The writing on the ivory ribbon was done in silver Sharpie and the instructions for the bells were typed onto the green ribbon.


Each table was assigned the fabric of the napkins I made for them.  The napkins were rolled and tied with a name tag.  Name tags were created by my trusty old typewriter.  I typed the names on printable cotton twill fabric sheets and cut them into strips.  I have 14 sets of 8 now!  The Waffle house will never be without napkins.

Memory and Candle Jars

All of the jars for this project were recycled from the large quantities of pasta, salsa and jam we and our friends consumed over the past year.  I am so glad we did this DIY!  The memory jars are scattered throughout our house and I absolutely love it!.

photo by Steve Twigger

For the candle jars, I printed out photos of us with the people or a person who would be sitting at that table on vellum.  I pounded eyelets into the corners and tied them to the jar with twine as well as mounting them with double sided tape.  One of my favorite remarks from a guest was, “Hey!  I’m a candle!  That’s so cool!”

The jar lids were decoupaged with torn pages from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, A Wrinkle in Time, Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.  All of the books were purchased at Half Priced Books and had that nice worn, yellowed quality and a fortunate amount of underlining of important passages.

photo by Steve Twigger

Jars were assigned to tables based on their contents.  Childhood items were placed with family, college items with college friends, etc.  Guests had so much fun passing them around the table and sharing stories of items they recognized.  They made for great conversation starters.

Cake Table Sign

Another hot glue related injury project, but the results were worth it.  Unfortunately, none of the photographers got a full picture of the cake table sign, so here’s one from my stock.

Cake Table Signage :  wedding austin decor diy 24 2

It was inspired by the monogram our friend Mary Lee created for our invites.

Cake Table Signage :  wedding austin decor diy 14 1


I made these for Disco and Rock Star.  They are a mix of vintage buttons stitched onto ribbon and then applied to a piece of felt and pin backing.  This was a quick, easy, last-minute project that turned out pretty nicely.

*All photos by Nadine Studio unless otherwise noted.