May 8, 2012

Bridal Memories

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Well, hello there Hive!  Haven’t seen you lovelies in quite  a while!

Mr Waffle and I are quickly creeping up on our one year wedding anniversary (ahhhhhhh!) and I am only just now getting some post wedding projects done.  You know…photo albums, putting pictures in frames and deciding what to do with my dried out bouquet that’s living on our bookshelf.  I’m feeling some extra bit of pressure to get these things done because we’ll be moving to New York at the end of the month.  We’ll be celebrating our first anniversary with a road trip from the Lone Star State to the Big Apple!

I’ve decided to pop back in here for a second to share with you one post wedding project I did complete recently that I absolutely love….

This shadow box frame was purchased about a year ago specifically for housing some bridal memories and a photo.  I knew its purpose for a long time, but I wasn’t sure what was going in it until I received the illustration.

We had a portrait done by the talented Jennifer Hancock of The Illustrated Bride.  She is a fashion illustrator and designer who now does custom pieces for brides and they are gorgeous with superb attention to every detail!  I LOVE fashion and costume renderings and the designer in me just couldn’t resist having her do a piece for us.

It arrived in such lovely packaging!

Don’t we look sharp!  I know it’s hard to tell from this photo, but every single detail has been captured.  She even put in the teeny tiny rhinestones that are nestled in the corners of my glasses and replicated the pattern on his tie!

The shadow box was the perfect venue for our illustrated selves and a few small, treasured pieces from the wedding day like one of our bells, buttons, our name and Mr. Waffle’s boutonniere.

I love how this project came together!

How are you preserving some of your bridal memories?  Would you ever get a wedding portrait or illustration?


October 18, 2011

A Final, Post-Wedding DIY

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Thank you cards!

You knew I had to sneak one more project in there!  Yes, I handmade our thank you cards and they were super easy to make, especially when paired with a pint of Shiner and episodes of SVU.

I made 2 different sets based on the materials I had on hand.  The first set is the “tag” set and looks like this…

When I ran out of tags, I made a “bunting” set…

I used these supplies…

  • Colorful, blank cards
  • Leftover scrapbook paper, tags and ribbon from previous projects
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Stamps
  • Ink pad

We are just now getting around to finishing the sending of the Thank You cards because, well, life was a bit hectic after the wedding.  We sent out half of them, moved and then I lost my list in the move.  Grrrr!  However, the list has been found and anyone who hasn’t received a “thank you” in written form will be getting one soon.

Has anyone else had the crazy notion to DIY their “Thank You” cards too?

May 12, 2011

Brunchy Invites

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A few days ago I had a total forehead smack moment.  I had a rehearsal brunch planned (complete with waffle bar…yum) but had not put any thought towards invitations for this event.  None.  Doh!

My brain came up with a funny picture of waffles holding hands, so I got out my scissors, glue, markers and some scrapbook paper and got to work.  My fear was that this was going to end up looking like it was hastily thrown together, but I must say, I was pretty impressed with my last minute endeavor…

I used a textured, swirly paper to make all the waffle ladies different whipped cream and strawberry fascinators.  I am so glad I decided to run out and get googley eyes for this project.  They really add to the overall fun feel of our brunch event.

Awwwww, waffles in love!

Did you have any last minute projects that turned out better than expected?

April 7, 2011

Waffle Invitations…Simple and Sweet

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Our lovely invitations went out into the world on Monday!  Hive, here’s yours!

The outer envelope is from Envelopments in Powder Blue and the ink is a Le Plume grey, brush-tip marker.

I found this bird stamp at Paper Source and decided to use it since it is very similar to the birds on the invitation.

Here we are!  The photo is one from our engagement session with the wonderful Nadine Latief of Nadine Studio and the monogram artwork is by the beautiful Mary Lee.

Waffle had the grand idea of hiding the RSVP card behind the actual invitation.

Here’s the whole suite together.  The wisteria pocketfold envelope is from Envelopments as well as the linen, ecru paper.  Matt Gardiner and his people over at American Color Labs in southeast Austin did a beautiful job with the printing and cutting.

The script font is called P22 Cezanne Regular and the other font is Constantia.  We are using antique bells that I have been collecting from ebay as our escort cards/favors/send-off noisemakers, so we thought it would be fun to incorporate the bell language in the RSVP.

Hope you enjoyed our simple suite!

February 27, 2011

Address You Up in My Love

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Cheesy, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I had vintage Madonna on the iTunes earlier today.

Moving on…

I realllly, reallllly, REALLLLY wanted to address all my invites with a grey calligraphy marker.  Unfortunately, when I found a grey calligraphy marker online, the shipping charges were more than the marker.  Seriously.  It’s a marker and weighs next to nothing.  Why should it cost $6.95 to ship?

So, I ran to Jerry’s Artarama (which is a big time fabulous art store with great pricing) and ransacked the marker department.  No grey calligraphy or fine chisel tip markers/pens to be found, but I did find a handful of brush tip markers I quite like.

Hive, sweet hive, can you help me choose which marker to use?  You have never failed in helping me make a decision yet!  I have written each choice on a sample envelope.

Thank you!!!

February 26, 2011

Papurrrrrrrrr (she says purringly)

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Ooooooooh, it’s so exciting to be at the “100 days to go” mark!  This is the point where things really start coming together and the vision starts to come alive and you see where the design fails and where it shines.  When I’m designing and working on costumes for shows this part always makes me crazy excited and sickeningly nervous at the same time.

I was definitely feeling this way about the paper I bought for our invitation suite and how the final product would look.  After ordering my paper goods a few weeks ago, I left The Paper Place with a slight tinge of “I’m not sure this is going to work”, even though the lady who was assisting me told me my choices were going to look so nice together.

Well, hive, the paper is here and it’s sooooooo wonderful!  If I could lay it out on the floor like a pile of money and swim in it, I would.

Mmmmmmm, the colors go so well together.  It makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

Envelopments Paper - Wisteria pocket fold envelope, Ecru linen paper, Powder blue linen envelopes

In my excitement over finally having the paper in my hands, I couldn’t resist doing an invitation rough draft.

The insert with the invite will be on the ecru paper as well as the RSVP card.  I printed out our engagement photo on good quality photo paper on my own sweet printer and they turned out fantastic.

Is anyone else out there purring over their paper?

February 15, 2011

I Smell Trouble and a Whole Lotta Fun: Invites

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Shower time is this weekend!  I know it’s early for a June bride to have a wedding shower, but MOH Sweet Pea has a little bundle o’ joy due in early April so we’re doing things sooner rather than later.  Plus, it’s a good excuse to get Mr Waffle to come home from LA for a weekend!  Yay!

Now, before I continue, let me say that Sweet Pea and Magic Alie (who are planning the shower) are big time, silly troublemakers.  Everything about the shower has been kept a secret from me with the exception of time, what I should wear and the invitations.

Isn’t the invite adorable!  It totally reminds me of us!

The wording is so cute too!

Apparently, it has been advised that I wear something traditional, 50’s and housewifey.  I am partially nervous about what those two are up to and a teensy bit excited.

Were you involved in the planning of your shower or was it a complete surprise?

November 22, 2010

The Waffle “Save the Date” Tutorial

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My “Save the Dates” have received several tutorial requests.  So, here you go ladies!

To kick things off, I decided on using envelopes that were A10 sized.  Armed with this knowledge, I cut out a 9×4 sheet of cardstock.

After that, I found the center and figured out where the fold lines should go in order for the cartoon Waffles to meet in the middle when they “tie the knot.”  I’ve labeled my lines with the measurements so that you won’t have to rack your brains with math like I did.

I then sketched out the couples and grass making sure the grass line was even across the page.  Drawing myself is easy peasy because I’ve been doing it for years.  I can’t say the same for drawing Mr Waffle.  He’s an animator and was being pretty picky of all the sketches I came up with, but this one won out, thank goodness!  I uploaded the image, cleaned it up and sent it to the printer.  I made sure to leave fold line marks in the grass to make it easier later!  I would also like to note that having heavy card stock is not an absolute necessity.  It actually makes folding difficult later.  Regular card stock will be fine.

Once it all comes back from the printer looking sweet and awesome, gather your assembling supplies.  I suggest using a self-healing crafting mat, thin twine or ribbon, a bone folder, a small hole punch, clear tape, a craft knife (mine’s actually a surgical scalpel) and an upholstery needle.

Gathered all your supplies?  Great!  Start off by putting tape on the backside of the card round about where the hands are.  This will act as extra reinforcement for when the twine gets pulled through.  Fold the card, using your sneaky fold lines you left in the grass, and get an extra sharp crease with your fancy schmancy bone folder.

With your craft knife, cut slits where the twine will be threaded through.  Now you are ready to create the knot.  It will be complicated on the first few tries, but I promise you will get it down.  After all, you bees are all a bunch of crafty smarties! Cut your twine into lengths of 26″ and thread it through your upholstery needle as if you were going to do some hand-sewing.

Thread the twine through the card as shown below.  In this photo I have shown you how to create the knot using the twine and the pink line.

Now that you’ve created the knot, you can tie the “date” and “place” tags on the ends.  Mine are roughly 1″x1″ squares that have been punched with a small hole puncher.  They are then tied to either ends of the twine with a small knot.

Yay!  You finished!  Untied it will look like this…

And once they “tie the knot” it will look like this…

So far, everyone seems to like the fact that it stands up by itself!

I hope this was helpful!  I would love to see different variations on this theme.  Maybe use photos instead of drawings?  Or something else completely?  The possibilities are endless!

October 29, 2010

A Few Lessons Learned

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I was very diligent about perfecting the technique for the “Save the Date Assembly Night.”  A prototype was put together before I even sent the design to the printers so I was sure it wouldn’t fail.


Prototype on thin, cheap cardstock


I even decided to go with the good quality, heavy card stock in order for them to be sturdier.  My supplies were carefully packed into separate Ziploc baggies and I had worked out the exact order of assembly for maximum efficiency.  This was going to be a fail-proof breeze and we were gonna knock them out in no time flat.  Go team!  Right?


If any of you out there would ever want to make Save the Dates like these, you can learn from my trial and error here.  It is also good to point out that one should always have extras printed in case of assemblage error.  We got a lot done and had a blast, but I have to admit that I had a small freak out moment when I momentarily thought all was lost.  Here’s our tale and the lessons I learned in the process…

MOH Sweet Pea, Magical Alie and I met up at Alie’s house and I had all my gear in tow.  A spread of amazing cheeses (I loves the cheese)  and munchies were on the table.  There was also wine…dun, dun, DUN (that’s supposed to be ominous foreshadowing music).  After a good hour of chit chat, I gave the troops their marching orders and got to work.  Even Cricket the cat tried to join in on the fun.

Assembly would be in two parts.  On the first round, I would cut the slits for the twine to pass through, Sweet Pea folded and Alie cut twine.

Lesson #1 – Heavy card stock, while pretty and sturdy looking, is a beast to fold.  It gets loads of wrinkles on the fold       lines.  Sweet Pea was a total rock star for folding 50 of them, which took her all night long.

We rocked along, giggled, gossiped and drank wine.  Alie and I finished our first set of tasks fairly quickly and moved onto the next where she would punch holes in the date and place cards while I threaded the twine through the card.  This is where it gets a little yucky.

With the prototype card, I put tape on the back of the slits to make it sturdier and insure no rippage.  Now that I had heavier card stock I thought I could skip this step.

Lesson #2 – Do not skip steps!  Do not trust the heavy card stock!  Be super happy you printed extras.


Yucky step-skipping rippage

Cartoon Mr Waffle’s hand totally ripped out without the tape backing.  So I totally had to go back and tape/re-slit all of the invites.  Yuck-o!  I had the mini “AHHHHHHH!” moment I spoke of earlier.  The folds were wrinkly, the cards were ripping and I seriously considered stopping and going back to have them reprinted on the lighter paper.  My girls helped me realize all was not lost and Alie took the busted cartoon Waffles  to make finger puppets which made me laugh and soldier on.  However, the finger puppets did lead to a boatload of silliness which threw me off my game.

Lesson #3 – (wine + crafts) x giggly girls = silly mistakes

Yep, there we are having a super awesome time!  Yet this morning, as I was beginning to stuff these bad boys into envelopes, I discovered that my silliness lead to lack of attention to a tiny detail that makes a huge difference.  Can you spot it?

The one on the top is laced so it will make a knot when pulled.  The one on the bottom isn’t.  I am so glad I caught this!  Otherwise, I would have had a lot of confused people out there saying, “Um, Miss Waffle, mine doesn’t work.”  Going back through all of them to find the improperly threaded ones, take the tags off and re-lace took forever, but it was worth it.

Even though I am an experienced crafter, I was reminded of the importance of not taking shortcuts.  Stick with the original plans and maybe take it a little easy on the wine next time.  Any of you bees learn some crafting lessons lately?

October 22, 2010

Save the Dates

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Here’s a small preview of our Save the Dates…

Looks like something’s missing?  Well, there is.  And I’m not showing you the full on finished product (which is so awesomely awesome and fun that you might fall out of your chair) because that would ruin everyone’s surprise.

I am getting a steal of a deal on printing from a local printing company because I’m printing multiples on a sheet and cutting them down myself.  Then, the Twiggeress, Shannon* and I will have a crafty night with a bottle of wine next week to assemble them.  They should be on their way to all corners of the globe the first week of November!

*Side note…Shannon will not be partaking in the wine part of the evening because we recently found out she’s got a baby on the way!  Yay!  My cute little MOH is due a month and a half before the wedding and I am sooooo excited!  Yay Shannon!