The details…

We will be gettin’ hitched at half past 6 on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 at the Hummingbird House!



  1. Betty Rexrode said,

    I’m SO sorry Ron and I won’t be able to attend your upcoming wedding. Recently, after I returned from a road trip to the SW (AZ, Utah), I was going through my stack of mail, where I discovered your gorgeous wedding invitation. When I saw the date and time…… heart sank as I knew I would not be able to attend. For 15 years I’ve taught in summer camp for Audubon Docent Guild…. and I knew the next morning, after your wedding, I had to be at the nature sanctuary by 8…….ready for the arrival of lots of young campers. I’m very disappointed as I know your wedding will be a lively and fun celebration.

    I love your blog………so cretive and fun to follow.

    I wish you a joyful and stress-free wedding day.


    • emtheartist said,

      I completely understand.

      Thank you so much for your kind words Betty!

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