The Wedding Party

Driscoll - Man of Honor

Driscoll – Man of Honor

em meet Driscoll in theatre when she was 13.  He passed a note to a friend, who passed a note to a friend who passed it to em in 4th period English.  He wrote something like, “I think you’re really cool.  Want to go out with me?”  She wrote back, “Can we just be friends?”

They’ve been friends ever since.  Even though he’s a fancy schmancy lighting designer in New York with his amazing costume designer wife, they manage to keep in touch and see each other at least once a year.  em was even a groomsman in Driscoll’s wedding (which was one of the most super fantastic events she’s ever been to)!

Shannon - Matron of Honor

Shannon – Matron of Honor

This spunky little monkey and her husband, Tony (who is the officiant), met em through the ballet.  They have gone on many adventures together, laughed so hard they cried and cried so hard that they ended up laughing.

Don’t let Shannon’s size fool you!  If you’re being a “poo-head”, her feisty Irish roots will come out to play and kick your butt!  After all, being a physical therapy assistant and Pilates instructor does give a person good butt kicking practice.  em knows this from experience because Shannon is the one who reminds her to stop and take care of herself when she gets too excited or busy and forgets.

Dave - Best Man

Dave – Best Man

If you had met Dave in art college, like Mike did, you would have said that he was the biggest geek you ever met.  He was geekier than Mike.  Sooooo geeky, that he should have had the word “GEEK” tattooed on his forehead.

Those days are gone.

If you saw Dave now, you would swear he was a rock god and a million times cooler than Mike.  Mr. super cool rock god does, in fact, belong to a band and also creates graphics and art for games, apps and websites. He is always accompanied by a lovely Perrie (the wedding photographer, so remember to smile for the beautiful blonde).  They live together in England with 500 cats named after Buffy characters and are one of the most fantastic couples you will ever meet!

Alex - Best Woman

Alex – Best Woman

Alex, also known as Ally or “the perfect one” or “Madam”, is Mike’s sister.  She was the one in the family that everyone thought would be an actress when she grew up based on her dramatic capabilities.

However, they were wrong.  After many years of schooling and traveling to places such as South America, Cambodia and Viet Nam, she emerged with a Doctorate.

Besides being smart, dramatic and adventurous, she is also an accomplished aubergine grower and is the best at telling tales of Mike as a child.  One of em’s favorite Mike stories (which he swears never happened) was told to her by Alex.



  1. Matthew (Matt) Cotter said,


    You got me hooked. Well, I am always interested in whatever projects you are working on. Keep me posted 🙂


  2. Dave Clements said,

    Great blog post. Very accurate … except … We have 600 cats, the band belongs to me, not the other way round, and I have clearly never been as big a geek as Mike! 😀 hehe.

    Speak soon xoxo

  3. Perrie Rogers said,

    I adore that little picture of me and Dave!!
    I am so excited! ❤ x

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